“Like pink clouds on sticks…
The cherry blossom. I was trying to think of what it looks like.”

  • P.L Travers, Saving Mr. Banks

There will likely be quite a few references to this film. It’s one of my absolute favorite movies. I love reading powerful descriptions, but I struggle to write emotive descriptions. Usually they just get wordy, or I end up using words like “big”, “really”, and “awesome” to avoid wordiness. However, then my descriptions become incredibly lackluster. I love this scene with Mrs. Travers. I think it is such a good example of learning and writing meaningful descriptions. She wasn’t using big words or anything fancy, yet her description is meaningful. That is what this daily prompt is all about. Here is a list of things to describe. Not only could you reference your descriptions in future writing, but it’s also fun practice!

  • Rain

  • Chills

  • Crowd

  • Anger

  • Sleep

  • The Night Sky

  • Fog

  • Dirt

  • Mountain

  • Ocean

Here are the descriptions that I came up with. Please feel free to share your descriptions in the comments!

  • Rain:

    • The sky dropped heavy tears. Coupled with the thick blanket of looming grey clouds, the rain felt as though the heavens were in mourning, too.
    • The drops fell, like glass beads briefly suspended in the air before shattering across the pavement.
  • Chills:

    • Her blood ran cold as though her heart was now pumping ice water.
  • Crowd:

    • As she pushed her way through the crowd she was jolted from side to side like a pinball in an unending game.
  • Anger:

    • Blinding and white-hot, rage swelled up from his heart darkening his vision.
  • Sleep:

    • Slowly she drifted into quiet, weightless, unadulterated nothingness.
  • The Night Sky:

    • Out here, without the pollutant lights of the city, the sky’s black void was replaced with a sea of glitter.
  • Fog:

    • Her view was clouded by the fog which suffocated the air like a dismal blend of cotton candy that had replaced its sweetness with terror and obscurity.
  • Dirt:

    • As he ran along the trail, the dirt rose up in thin plumes that looked like smoke.
  • Mountain:

    • The mountain peaks rose from the valley floor like jagged claws surrounding the desolate valley.
  • Ocean:

    • The waves tossed and like a blanket which hid some unselttled creature.